ZOOM World

Z O O M  World

I love being able to connect with those that I love even during a pandemic. So, if that means more ZOOM CLASSES, that’s better than nothing. In fact, due to the current world situation, my husband felt strongly about buying a better camera and start yoga classes online, and kickstart a couple of other projects that had been currently on-hold due to too much work at the produce shop.

I’ve been an essential worker since March 15th and never truly been in a quarantine. I am so used to the social distancing, masks/no masks debates, I am quite startled at how fast, it’s such a non-issue for me.

The Yoga studios are closed. The gyms are closed. Those that are open are rolling with the TENT-BIT outside and taking it there so at least survive no-business for..who knows how long? I am so grateful for the owner at the studio in Carlsbad- She just completed her 200 hour, son graduated from high school via parking lot drive through grad-night, and concocted a beautiful YOGA TENT SPACE outside so we can all breathe freely while doing the Downward Dog safely. Social distancing is the new normal. Wearing masks and those that still walk into the fruitstand and say, ‘Sorry, forgot my mask,’ are told they must wait outside the shop if someone with a mask enters.

I’m zooming in the back of the fruitstand by the sink and finding my stride with the way the new world is laid out:

TOTAL CHAOS – if you watch the news every day.

THE GREAT MASK DIVIDE -? This is a no brainer. ?!?!?



The world is ENDING. —-?

At some point you just have to step away from the chaotic crazy stuff, raise those eyebrows and smile anyway. The world is coming to an end. Smile anyway. The VIRUS is not ending for two-three years. Smile Anyway. Angry drivers that cut like crazies in and out of traffic yelling at cars everywhere. Smile Anyway.

It seems as if the world will stay in INFLUX for a bit longer here…so I’m LEARNING on ZOOM, wearing my mask, washing my hands (I did this so much before anyway, I wonder who-in-the-heck-wasn’t-and-what-where-they-thinking?), staying six feet apart, hugging sideways and a world where I am AFRAID OF TWITTER.

Twitter used to be my favorite site. I have legions of buddies on there; other authors that I have connected with around the world, I LOVE THEM SO- Terry, Julia, Dee, Parko, Bert, Michiko, Luanne, and a few others to I don’t need to keep going on…but I am making this point because I love them so much, but am not logging in because it’s NO LONGER safe to look up hashtags about my favorite shows or spar with buddies via tweet in the UK because political ads are everywhere.

I must say this new world has its perks Less running around when it’s unnecessary, more downtime at home, and the ability still take classes with your very favorite YOGA TEACHERS. YAY~!

I took two ONE MONTH workshops during the quarantine and several other classes with my favorite professor yoga teacher from Mira Costa and it’s just been heavenly. I

I  helped in Phase 1 at a fitness gym as a yoga teacher THREE DAYS a week where I stood poised and ready for my temperature to be taken each day.

Then I had to make sure each person provided a ticket at the yoga studio, checked in, then share with all yoga students ‘CLEANING TIME takes place with 15 minutes left in class, so grab those wipes in the back and wipe it all down and wipe under your mat when you leave.’

I would wipe down again because why would I not want to ensure the safety of others for the next class? It felt like being in a special league that ‘PHASE ONE group,’ and teaching yoga while wearing a mask. It’s amazing how happy everyone was at EOS. This week alone I would have taught my record number of classes in one week – 9 – if the shutdown didn’t happen again in California.

I watched a couple from Arizona stumble in to the fruit stand looking hot, dazed and confused as for chocolate covered strawberries. Their emotion of sadness was so palpable, as I helped them check-out, I silently said a prayer for them. I felt worried for them as they stumbled back out into the bright sun, left in their car & drove away still looking dazed and confused.

It’s just a WEIRD and BIZZARE time in life. My sister and I were just saying two weeks ago together, “Who would’ve thought that grocery stories would be DANGEROUS this summer?”

So dig in,  grab that book, find a good read, and mask it – up out there.

Stay kind, don’t drive like a wild banchie down the freeway. Remember ZOOM CLASSES are better than gaining weight (Did you know most Americans have gain 17 pounds since the pandemic started?!) & try to stay sane out there.

I’m out. Stay Kind and have and Inspired mind.