Thoughts for the Day

Thoughts for the Day

I will free flow here. You may love it or hate it, but it’s fun for…

What’s great about R is he puts up with me. He listens to me babble on about 1000 different ideas going in a thousand directions. Kind of like reading many books at the same time.

For example, like tonight: ‘I asked him to ‘Give me a topic to write about…’

(This is after he listened to me spout on about rewrites about angels flying off a cliff…editing, re-editing, etc. etc. Trust me, I know how men can be, and the fact that he listens to me babble on about similar book topics under different umbrella heads of my life, makes me love him so much more.)

Robin took a moment and thought it about it, then said,

‘The Art of Happiness.’ What’s great about this topic is just by sheer coincidence, I spent part of this morning just having a luxuriously, slow morning having my coffee-

(after early morning warm lemon water, side stretching and balancing poses…actually really yes, this was today! Most mornings I sun gaze with the animals in what I coined “Sunshine Club.” It’s the cutest thing, my red doberman, little chihuahua and two Siamese kitties run out to the fenced in yard- do think super tiny, So Cal kind that’s backed up against a hill covered in iceberg lettuce, a stump, and a dirt patch, but our paradise.)

-and reading a book on the History of Art my rock star artist niece gave it to me as a gift this summer. I nearly choked on cheers when it arrived. So, it’s not every morning I sit around gazing at art books and getting up before sunrise to do my meditation. These days are huge beautiful days spun like gold in-between ‘Sunshine Club,’ too much coffee and begrudgingly putting off walking the dogs because I am such a dog walker these days.

Have you noticed, I haven’t written one word on the art of happiness…however, I am writing about happy things that have recently transpired in my day. If I surmise my column/essay based on what I just wrote, I reveals much about MY “art of happiness” on a day to day basis.

Here are the bullet points based on what I shared about my morning routine:

  • MAKE me-time
  • Be realistic
  • create JOY each day NOW..How? Create morning habits/tradition/ choose the word that fits best for you, but you get the drift-repeating a pattern of what you do to habitually create the space for organic joy to spring forth from in your ‘meantime of your lives’ moment.
  • Choose fun names to create routines…like ‘Sunshine Club,’ Coffee Time or what word that triggers a joyful ping from the inside out.
  • The more you know yourself/accept your true self with all faults-you have a much better chance of experience happiness or being happy because you have that bit of the equation-piece-of-pie thing figured out. This won’t solve every issue, but you have a much better chance of experiencing a better day each day if you know WHO you are, WHAT you like to do, WHY your true-self is someone you must love no matter what that true self be. For example, my best self would be -meditate/yoga/every morning. I average three times (morning time – only for this equation; do yoga more other times of the day due to many-hat-busy-life-love-it-like-that-because-I know my true self…which brings me to the next bullet point.
  • ACCEPT TRUE self. I just recently accepted that who my inner soul person is will always be the cozy gal in the sweater with glasses on. That’s the real me. I guess in essence from there flows forth, what I love to do the most, reading, writing and here, I am being cozy, snug and curled up with my dogs writing, RIGHT HERE, which falls up in that category of top-happy-go-to-created-organic-happiness because my true self can accept/embrace that person because I’m not lying to self and trying to fool her to believe that she really is the 6 am runner athlete girl that pushes hard, trains, listens to music, like Jared Letto and clips from Zedge App, but that’s only one tiny part of that emerges during fits and starts. See? Know thyself- BUT REALLY- Accept TRUE SELF…My flippant voice is surprising me a bit. I miss this sassy behavior under my fingers…where have you been?
  • CHOOSE wisely when you choose your life mate. See the opening to Art of Happiness? Robin is my first thing I mention. I lead with him. It wasn’t on purpose. I could have just started writing about that myself and never mention him. But we can see from this bullet point meaning, this should be maybe in top three. Won’t go off here on Robin happiness bit rant, everyone knows this…I think, I mean about choosing your partner. It’s a biggie.
  • HAVE furbabies…CATS & DOGS. From walking, to talking to snuggling to loving, life can be quite full with furbabies to love you back.
  • ROLL with the PUNCHES. Go easy on self and honest, too. Like for example, earlier in writing about not doing yoga every morning, I’m not going to beat myself up, I am going roll with the punches. Also, begrudging walking dogs, isn’t that I don’t love them, it’s just life can feel like a lot of dog walking to a person that was actually a CAT person up until the age of 42. Be honest with yourself, go easy..not we aren’t perfect but, it’s okay to have a sense of humor about self and be able to do that in the real world, too, with spouse, friends or strangers.
  • Talk UP in your mind every morning. When I say, ‘talk up,’ think build-up because that’s it, however, I like to talk-up verbally, too. Like key phrases, ‘Sunshine Club,’ ‘Coffee Time,’ ‘Whoop Whoop Whoop’ to the doggies that instantly hit the JOY button because it’s become like a program in my head. Words trigger our hearts sort of like Pavlov’s dog bit. Can’t help it, it’s just waiting in the air for me to grab it to use as that analogy. So cliche.
  • HAVE FUN. Many times this seems to mean really create fun. I love to do this as you can see from above. Like Katherine Hepburn once said, “It’s just fun BEING,” in-so-many-words, if we know what we loved to do and our true self, accept inner self, than much more fun can occur? Why because YOU know WHO you ARE and WHAT makes you happy. You THEN schedule these MOMENTS on a daily TRADITION/ROUTINE/RITUAL calendar and usually, the organic joy bit bubbles forth because our SOUL loves ‘what it knows,’ (reference from Thomas Moore’s book, “Care of the Soul,” so giving it something it loves on a weekly basis is pretty much raising your personal odds of experiencing organic HAPPINESS because you are PRACTICING self and ‘CREATING moments’ that have HIGHER probability of MAKING you HAPPY.
  • Today could be it, so if this possibility is existing in our lives on a daily basis, we are much more likely to ‘create a better day’ because who would want to end their last day on earth, having a bad day? Unless that’s your personality. My true self is such an over goal achiever, I’m just going to have to get a bit cozier.
  • Believe in God.

That’s in a nutshell from me on Art of Happiness, and before you go nuts on me for not having more philanthropic type happiness jaunts, I do rescue cats, dogs, and pray for my loved ones daily, hourly when necessary, so it’s no always just, ‘What make me happy to be happy in life thing.’

Art of happiness? 

IF only one? out all written besides mentioning God thing again here? 

ACCEPT true self. It’s a biggie, toughie doozy. We can spend most of our lives running from who we are and trying to prove to the world WHO we are with lists of accomplish to finally waking up one day and knowing you LIKE you anyway, even if you are hit-the-snooze-naturally-gal and not the -yoga-every-morning-before-the-birds-sing-type-person.

Inner peace :)! with ACCEPT true self. 

What I love about R is he gets me and know how to put me right here typing away under my fingers instead, expressing my inner heart’s love and he likes that about me.

Art of HAPPINESS. Ooh, things keep coming up, of course, GRATITUDE. Yes, you see, my depth of gratitude for R is natural because I am actually grateful. 

BE HAPPY EVERY DAY. (My Dad’s motto.- He survived the Vietnam war, lived to come home and be a father to three and start his life a new after living in some of the most terrible circumstances ever to witness in a lifetime. So don’t think of that quote as like in the ‘HAPPY SILLY SONG,’ but more like, “Life can hurt, be voracious, knock us down, strip us from those we love, people die, life goes on if we keep living…and if that’s the case…why not, Be happy every day? 


-Unedited Version. Word Count 1537. Time- 58 minutes.