Dearest Reader,

Mango Jane Publishing presents a new contemporary edition of THE WAY OF PEACE by English author, James Allen. This book focuses on the power of peace and how to access it by weaving deep breathing into your life daily, also known as meditation.

Hannah Borger Overbeck Illustrations included.

I hope you open your mind to the wisdom inside this book that was originally written in 1907.

I read my first James Allen book over 20 years ago. His writing in AS A MAN THINKETH had a profound impact on my inner being, helping me understand how inner thoughts impact our outer world.

James Allen studied many philosophies across different religions, weaving together a guide for all of us to learn, read and master so we can find a deeper sense of well being in a chaotic world. Never under estimate the power of a powerful book.

Right now, the sunshine is streaming inside my bedroom. My knees are propped up on my bed. I am writing this introduction to your now. I find such joy in creating these books. I hope you enjoy reading this book, too, and share a Mango Jane book with a friend or a loved one.

Finding inspiration daily in our lives is a key to creating that inner buzz, that inner zest for life. Take time to carve out the most beautiful life you can imagine and create it daily. Yes, there may be challenging times we face. Yes, the road less traveled or the road traveled too often can be difficult.

It’s up to us to learn how to stand still in the midst of troubling times, find out center and move out of turmoil.

Never under estimate the power of thought, the power of change and how at any moment you can turn your life around and find that perfect path you might have missed the first time around.

THE WAY OF PEACE by James Allen published by Mango Jane Publishing, June 30, 2021. New edition soon available

Thank you for buying this Mango Jane Publishing edition of THE WAY OF PEACE, one of James Allen’s obscure books that shares so much of the philosophy I love.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful art inside these pages, too. Hannah Borger Overbeck created these illustrations during the same era as this book was written, the early 1900s. I felt these beautiful tranquil paintings of flowers added the beauty to the words in these pages, written by James Allen.

Stay kind and have an inspired mind,

Machel Shull

Publisher of Mango Jane Publishing