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DID YOU KNOW? “The Inspired Mind Series”

In the world of the modern woman, Florence Scovel Shinn resonated that persona during the late 1920s until she died in 1940. Her progressive thinking and writings helped many new world thought leaders define how affirmations and the connection to the power of our thoughts reshape the very life we are living.

Did you Know?

Positive thinking leaders such as Emmet Fox, Norman Vincent Peale and Louise Hay reference Florence Scovel Shinn as writings as an inspirational impact on their lives:

 “The Game of Life is filled with wisdom and creative insights. That its teachings work I know to be fact, for I’ve long used them myself.” –Dr. Norman Vincent Peale; Dr. Peale was an American minister best known for selling millions of copies of “The Power of Positive Thinking.”

“One Secret of her success was that she was always herself, colloquial, informal and humorous. She herself was very spiritual…and taught by familiar, practical, and everyday examples.” -Emmet Fox; Emmet Fox was an Irish new thought leader and minister that became popular with AA during the turn of the Century. He also wrote pamphlets and books that became popular, such as “The Power of Constructive Thinking.”

“I resonated with her no-nonsense way of writing – her words spoke to me, and I became a devoted follower.”- Louise Hay; Louise Hay was the founder of HAY HOUSE BOOKS. Louise Hay was first a bestselling author, selling millions of books, most famously, You Can Heal Your Life.

FLORENCE SCOVEL SHINN wrote and self-published The Game of Life & How to Play It in 1925, light years before self-publishing had become popular. She wrote three other books that were published, while she was alive:

The Word is Your Wand

The Secret Door to Success

Her other books were posthumously published after she had died in 1940 at the age of 69.

Born in 1871 in Camden, New Jersey, Florence’s own personal journey lead her to study metaphysics.

Her writings included examples of Jesus Christ’s teachings like Bible verse Matthew 12:37:

“By your words ye be justified,

by your words you be condemned.

Florence Scovel Shinn also stated:

“Whatever a person feels deeply or images clearly, is impressed upon the subconscious mind, and carried out in minutest detail…the subconscious mind (soul) must be saved by wrong thinking.”

Although instead of using the Biblical teaching like a weapon or to condemn others, she focused on the power of positivity through scripture and spiritual law. She connected the science of the mind along with creating affirmations for her patients as a way to revitalize and uplift their outlook on life and personal struggles.

She led by living the example.

After her husband divorced her, instead of feeling pity for herself or allowing this to define her life during a time divorce was taboo, she carried on to create a legacy for herself and others.

Ms. Shinn studied metaphysics, which lead to becoming a counselor, as well as offering lectures to empower others to establish better thinking habits, thus creating happier living patterns.

Her teachings stressed how through positive affirmations, Biblical scripture and steering the mind toward positivity instead of thinking negatively, each of us can lead a healthier and happier life.

I hope you find as much inspiration from this small book written by a Modern-Day Woman who just happened live in an earlier era than today. This MANGO JANE BOOK edition includes featured affirmations written by Florence Scovel Shinn, along with journal pages to help you construct dreams and goals for the future. Florence believed in tried-and-true principles, writing with a tone of confidence that feels like someone you can trust and listen too for sound advice. What a joy to bring this classic self-help book to life and become inspired again by her magical teachings.

Book Release Date- End of October 2021

Machel Shull (sounds like Ma-shel)

Publisher of Mango Jane Publishing