The Inspired Mind Podcast

The Inspired Mind Podcast

Before the world flipped over and turned upside down I had quietly started a podcast after the holidays. Each year I begin a new mini-purpose (something I have never done before for that year) and weave it into the fabric of my life.

I had originally entitled my podcast, ‘The Sunshine Club’ because this is a key happy point to my day. This is a the time in the morning after my coffee has been brewed, I have already had my lemon water, contemplated life, prayed or zipped through homes on zillow before venturing down to my little backyard  in Southern California where I sit outside with my four animals and soak up the sunshine with them. However, since it’s part of Mango Jane, the podcast is:

The Inspired Mind Podcast. Check link here for Spotify & Apple- Click Here. 

The animals–Fortune, my red Doberman, Fibi, my white senior chihuahua, and Lily and Sophie, my Siamese cats all line up at the sliding glass door and rush outside when the opens to the green cushions lined up on the wooden planks.  Lately, during the quarantine, I have been sharing these photos on Twitter a little more, and one guy wrote, “Finally, a good tweet.”

At first, during the Covid-19 beginning, I felt as if it were weird to post happy photos or add a podcast to The Inspired Mind podcast. But now I see how more than ever it’s important to remain calm, peaceful–find happiness during adversity and make moments of joy each day.

This world is never predictable. The problem seems to be we all think it is. I do, too. I had just landed a new yoga teaching position at an incredible gym and couldn’t wait to begin teaching there this month.

Now the restaurants are closed, businesses, yoga studios, gyms, churches and the only place to see another human being is at the grocery store or produce stand (my husband and I have one).

We now wear masks and gloves and are overwhelmed by customers that used to zip by and our business to the big retailer shops and now are full of gratitude and thankfulness that we are open. I have never seen such kindness or loving words from so many customers as I have in the last two weeks. If I have learned anything, I have discovered that that human beings are kind and caring and can work together during the scariest of times to overcome something bigger than themselves.

I am sharing my podcast here, which is part of the MANGO JANE world “The Inspired Mind Podcast” is just one more way to open a channel of love from my heart to yours in this crazy uncertain new world we are living in.

Some of my beginning podcasts I streamed live from my car as I thought myself these last three months how to do a podcast and share online. I haven’t told a soul until now (other than Michiko, Shauna and my mom and husband).

However, I realize that now is the best time to share kindness, love and inspiration. Now is the time to be real, open up, allow more light to flow from each other.

If anything, we are learning that what we had before might have been too much, that  it’s good to need one another, to care for our neighbor and to share our vulnerabilities in an world that will always remain a mystery.

Now is the time to share who we are with each other, find love and gratitude in our hearts and to smile anyway when there world is pushing so hard back at us, when it feels as if we have lost and need to give in.

Now is the time to rise up from your own living room and find a positive voice and share your own personal positive stories, influence your own circle of friends and loved ones by remaining optimistic and kind.

Now is the time to only check the correct NEWS SITES with real statistics (not guessing games) that you know you are real. Bookmark these sites. Visit only them. Try your best to avoid the sea of pandemic headlines that keep you fearful and hope you just stayed glued to your seat, like you are standing on the sidelines at a car accident. Now is the time to find a voice of BEAUTY, of POSITIVITY, LOVE–Think Mother Teresa type love–and remember this world will return back to a safe environment and this will be a memory we will never forget.

Two great men once shared these thoughts: 

“There is nothing in life so difficult that it cannot be overcome. This faith can move mountains. It can change people. It can change the world. You can survive all the great storms in your life.”- Norman Vincent Peale

“The POSITIVE THINKER sees the INVISIBLE, feels the INTANGIBLE, and achieves the IMPOSSIBLE.” 

-Winston Churchill

Life is ours to make our own, especially now. Lets keep spreading kindness and love and have an open heart even when we are self isolating. Let us set the bar of leadership to the generation behind us so they can remember an exemplary example of how to come together as a GLOBAL WORLD connected by love, responsibility and hope for our future.

Mango Jane.