Corona Virus Thoughts and an E Book

UpSometimes the world stops. Life is quiet and if you listen to the beating of your own heart you might recognize a quiet place to retreat, to find a moment alone with a coffee or a book. Or maybe you breathe in the early morning, while sitting on your yoga mat with your lemon water …

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The Inspired Mind Podcast

The Inspired Mind Podcast Before the world flipped over and turned upside down I had quietly started a podcast after the holidays. Each year I begin a new mini-purpose (something I have never done before for that year) and weave it into the fabric of my life. I had originally entitled my podcast, ‘The Sunshine …

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Thoughts for the Day

Thoughts for the Day I will free flow here. You may love it or hate it, but it’s fun for me..here.we.go… What’s great about R is he puts up with me. He listens to me babble on about 1000 different ideas going in a thousand directions. Kind of like reading many books at the same …

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