Returning to love

Returning to Love

          The power of love heals the darkness. This is an important lesson to learn on our journey. When we understand that only love can heal, even when be threatened, we are instantly set free from the demons that try to ensnare us. Demons. Think about that word. Do I mean that literally? If you want to take that way, yes, or you can think of fears that bog you down. Whatever works for your mind.

          I have taken a break from publishing for one year to work on my own writing projects. I have recently finished four projects in one fell swoop. The took immense concentration and solitude to reach in and do this work. It’s not always easy creating time for what we need to do, but when we do, we return to love by taking care of our needs. What our soul must do in order to breakthrough.    

          Can you do that? Are you able to step off the routine that can grind you down and reach and do what must be done? What is at risk when we don’t take care of our soul needs? What can we lose if we only take care of others?

          Everything. When we fail to return to love for ourselves, we risk losing everything we hold dear to our heart. Right now, my father is blowing leaves. My parents stay active. They are multi-taskers. They get things done. And, in the soul space of desire is a dream that needs to manifest. I think of my parents when I need go full throttle, hit goals and also, returning to love. They are by nature, nurturers. They care for you and want to make sure all is well in your world. So, in order to make breakthroughs, we must sometimes weigh the scales of importance. And deflect negativity that threatens to take you down. In deflecting negativity, you find the light. You grow. You win. You find how to rise up over smaller obstacles that hold zero importance and you conquer and master that demon. And, in that comes the sweet peace. The place were your light shines. Hitting your goals and not letting anyone take your story away from you—your goals, your dreams—is returning to love for yourself. It takes guts and grit to say no thank you to negativity and dramas that have nothing to do with you. Don’t be sucked into pettiness of others and instead, focus on what must be done. This is your life. You are the rock star of your dreams.

          Returning to love means mastering the demons that try desperately to conquer you and your dreams. C.S. Lewis. Have you heard of him? I am sure you have. My favorite book of his is THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS. A master demon coaching his nephew on how to keep the light away from his subject. It’s a compelling read and one that relates to returning to love and conquering your inner demons. In completing these four projects, I sleighed a dragon. I conquered an entity that tried desperately to prevent me from writing. I can’t go into it, but what I want to tell you is hold your beloveds close. Count the ones and love them that support you through your trials and errors. Love them. Thank them. And in returning to love, if you have slipped up or been wrong, admit fault. Say you are sorry. When we forgive ourselves for slipping, we find more light to forgive the dragon that wanted to conquer us, too. I am talking in metaphors. But you get it. You have seen the fantasy shows. You must have an advantage point to avoid the fire. You must have the tools to use and find discipline to defeat the dragon in battle. And, when this happens. When you finally rise up and defeat the very thing that caused you grief, heartache, pain, sorrow and you sleigh them dead, you are set free. And you are released from your past mistakes because you chose to return to love for yourself and shift out of fear and back into the state of love.

          I hope you go forward in your day up-talking yourself. Kind words. Beautiful thoughts and repeat them often to yourself so you have the warm glow of self-love emanating from your soul. Always celebrate the mini-victories and especially THE MAJOR VICTORIES. Take a moment, to skip down the road. Listen to your favorite song, sing it loud and terrible and smile with the wind in your face as you are driving in your car. Take a moment to hug your beloved. Thank them for supporting you through your projects that you completed. Cry tears of joy and laugh. Dance around the kitchen in the evening, then watch your favorite television show, with Sean Evans.

          Their will be more battles in life and more dragons to sleigh. And when you continue to kick-ass, you will keep rising up and going the distance for your dreams. Congratulate yourself for completing your project. You did it. Smile and remember to thank anyone that helped you. Without them, maybe you couldn’t have done what you needed to do. Gratitude and returning to love renew our spirit in profound ways. I wish you well today and hope you rise up and keep believing in your dreams. I hope to return to publishing here soon. I have a book called THE JESUS ROSARY that is a small E – Book that has potential for coffee table book. I had a reader in the UK ask for a real copy and I want to do that for them. I need to make this book and that will be the relaunching of Mango Jane. Also, my rock star nephew has been selling his poetry books and had a beautiful book signing in South Carolina earlier this year. What a wonderful event. Landon Chapman is now working on his first novel, that is a fantasy novel. I look forward to reading it and helping him find its way into readers around the world. Godspeed.

Mango Jane.