Down Under & TV Shows You should know about

I am sitting here in my husband’s study. We just took a short break from Big Little Lies, HBO’s series. Nicole Kidman has always been one of my favorite actresses walking the planet.

Try “A Place to Call Home” if you love period /drama pieces with a stellar cast.

After watching many Australian shows on Acorn TV, I now see this huge talented cast of many Australian actors…



GLITCH (This is on Netflix)

The HEART GUY (Doctor/Doctor name in Australia)



MISS FISHER (newest version)

Newest version of MISS FISHER‘S

to countless others, we just think these Australian’s have many shows that

you could be watching, too, besides Big Little Lies.  

I am looking forward to seeing the conclusion of this show, however, I’m just loving these actor’s down under.

800 WORDS-Maybe my favorite show since The Affair on Showtime.

I haven’t mentioned 800 Words…that one ranks up as one of my favorites. 800 words is also down under, but in New Zealand. If you are looking for  new channel to subscribe to, Acorn TV is one to add with excellent acting, writing and smooth production.

I keep finding myself telling others (like my parents) to give their seven day free trial a go. First one to watch if you love a good drama, is A Place to Call Home. Some call it, the Downton Abbey of Australia.

If you are looking for fun sets, beautiful clothes in a historical type setting with larger than life flair, a must try is  Miss Fisher’s Modern Murder Mystery has only one season, but what fun and can’t wait for the next.

If you are looking for kind of Seinfeld meets Friends walking on the wrong side of the tracks feel, RAKE is your choice.

If you are looking for A-Feel-Good-Heart-Warming-make-you-want-to-move-to-New-Zealand-Comedy/Drama, 800 Words should be first. If you are looking for a great leading guy character that has the charm of like a Pierce Bronson with a funny-dark edge, The Heart Doctor is that choice. Tidelanders is more beauty-fun-gorgeous sirens conspiring to take the planet is also a tongue and cheek feel would be behind all of these, but worth watching, too.

‘The Heart Guy/Doctor Doctor’ is one of my favorites on Acorn TV.

Nicole Kidman is chillingly brilliant in Big Little Lies, which doesn’t disappoint with this cast. I just wish there story line had been focused or moved past the push and the women would’ve come forward.

I look at them and think, ‘Wow, they all seem so light spirited, happy and free down under, like their Vitamin D dosage is in much higher amounts. I see a lightheartedness in the cast and the acting. In the obsessed world of GOT and Darker dramas like Big Little Lies, its wonderful to tune in down under to a world that’s going to make you feeling like, “Yes, life is definitely worth living. Yes, let’s smile, relax the brow and grab our surfboard and solve a mystery. Let’s redeem all of the villains by revealing the core rotten soul could be soaked with sunshine, too, and see a better tomorrow (Won’t reference which show does that, cause that would be spoiling it.)

You see down under there’s a party going that’s just waiting at your fingertips to discover. No I don’t work for Acorn TV, but if I could write for them to push their shows on a weekly basis, I probably would squeeze that in under the mangoes just to reciprocate the joy my heart has had exploring New Zealand with a newspaper columnist widowed dad, a nurse out to regain her right a woman and still love her religion, try not to fall in love for George and track down the broken pieces of her past back in Europe during World War 2.

What makes a great show? What makes a great series? As anyone knows that loves a good series, story or a movie, so many components make up that answer. However, if you had to narrow it down to one, my stake would say:

  • Writing (story)
  • Casting/Actors
  • Direction

In the middle of the day, a flicker from that show might steal your thoughts with vivid images of that character full close up view, and it’s like you knew them as if they were real in person. Just like a good book lingers. George, Sarah, Woody, George, Peregrine to the others…what fun I had watching you with Robin, with tea in hand with four furbabies to a chihuahua, two cats a Doberman watching with us, while the screen warmed us here up in Southern California, I say thank you.

Thank you to A Place to Call Home for giving me one of the best television endings I’ve ever witness besides watching the final episode of The Walton’s saying, “Goodnight John Boy.”

Now in a few minutes, after writing here and Robin finishing his tasks, too, we will venture up toward Monterrey to watch characters of abused women stand up for each other, love each other and finally wrap up the Breakfast of Tiffany’s bad staircase scene playing one more time just in case we forgot the bastard did indeed merit the push/shove.
I am rooting for Nicole. Thank goodness Meryl Streep stepped in for this season, too. My favorite story line in the show has to be Renalda and her push back against life as she hangs to her riches (my favorite performance of the show beside’s Nicole). Yes, in case you are wondering, I read the book first, which in case you didn’t know Liane Moriarty, the author of Big Little Lies is from Australia, too. Full circle we go…from Nicole, to Acorn TV Down Under Must Watch Shows to the Australian shows, it makes me wonder if perhaps my ancestors hopped the wrong boat when they ended up in North America.