Launch: All Systems Go

It’s amazing when life vibrates like a bright sparkling diamond and we cut out the minutia… which leads anyone to discover within

Mango Jane Books- Inspirational and Classic Literature
Mango Jane Books- Inspirational and Classic Literature

a still silent pool of tranquility. It’s really not one of those things where we can decide to take a trip and uncover the ‘the spring’ within. It’s more like a sacred journey that takes many years of un-doing, un-learning what we have already learned to be true to realize, the truth is there within.

I know. A bit deep for a Friday night. However, I find that’s where I want to be and so here is a moment to connect with you here in my own words. If you just started reading this and you have no idea what MANGO JANE is, it’s a dream I found in my heart the year my son launched into orbit to adulthood.


I asked my innermost self what could it be that I could find after motherhood that would make my world sing with joy, excitement and challenge? It ended up being two different answers if you must know and this is the first, publish books that have inspired my soul that are found in the Public Domain and also other writings of my own…plus launching new emerging authors one at a time…over time.

My second, which has in some ways surpassed Mango Jane, has been my Yoga Teaching and love for yoga practice. I am so delighted to know about The Yoga Sutras, what Sanskrit language is and that Yoga is definitely not in alignment with Red Horned Man or evil.

Quite the opposite is true.

Yes, there we go. Truth. What is truth? I used to grapple with this word in my twenties. I thought it could mean a thousand different things. However, I  have uncovered on my own inward journey, TRUTH is being ok with who you are at the end of the day when you are not perfect, fallible and tired. Truth is being okay with the weird trauma you never knew has been stored inside because you thought Trauma had more to do with war and bombs and such.


Truth is when you allow the light within to shine bright and accept all that is without anger, fear, doubt and be okay to be YOU still in the big wide world without hiding behind many facets of your being.

FOCUS ON LOVE has become my life Credo. I find the days I spend focusing on looking for the love my heart begins to soften and there is a soft spot within that melts. easily.

When I wrote Launch- All- Systems-Go, that’s exactly what’s happening in my world

Mango Jane Publishing Special Edition

right now; many side projects have become FRONT and center.  It’s exciting to find that my dreams equal reality, which I knew would be the case, because after all just like James Allen stated, DREAMERS are the saviours of the world. Yes, he was British.

I won’t go into that or what that means except if you have a dream, don’t give up, don’t give in, create better habits and chip away. Life will rework itself and unfold to a new channel where one day, you will be living a different life without knowing that it had already happened awhile ago.

I just finished compiling the first NEW AUTHOR for Mango Jane Publishing this week. It took  many hours of formatting and searching and finding to make this book begin to take shape in the real world. I am over the moon! All systems launch! All systems ago. You see at the end of the day, Mango Jane Publishing’s little light by my inside still tranquility world by that pool is always shining with a yellow haze of sunshine, waiting for the return to the next book.

Just like reading the next book, in publishing there is the next book to publish. Just like in Yoga, you can never really stop learning and doing and being.

It’s a cycle that exists and is so there for anyone. I guess that’s why I love both. You can never get enough books or yoga and so there you have it.

This book I just finished putting into the 1ST rough draft in the formatting world felt so darn good. If I went into description of how long it took to finally have all the material, it’s like one of those crazy facts that make the book even more special.




“Guns Taste Bad,” by Landon Chapman. Release date TBA-MARCH, 2020

and they do.  I’ve never been a fan. I grew up in Missouri on a farm near a little valley a creek running down the center and sometimes during Savasana I can see the smooth rocks that lined the childhood memories of beautiful still water, just like that pool/truth bit I had mentioned earlier.

I’m not sure how this voice on this page emerged, but it’s connected to the gal that did comedy at that Sunset Strip in Hollywood, and it feels so good to be flippant about everything right now. It’s good to find humor in TRUTH, yoga, books and the seriousness of fragility that has occurred in life recently. (I’ll spare you the Pandemic mention.)

Life is here now. I have learned that. I have let go of so much it feels good to be FREE of the heaviness of so much and allowing TRUTH to SHINE BRIGHT and let go of the rest.

So All systems A go. Launching.

I will be updating the BOOKSTORE page soon with Ebooks available to buy here and paperback links separately for each book I also need to add THE PROPHET by Kahlil Gibran. I chose the profit because I loved it so but also because GUNS TASTE BAD is a Collected work of Poems by an incredible writer from Greenwood, Greenwood South Carolina. This is my first new author, plus my first hardcover book to publish!

It’s exciting when your dreams become real, like being a yoga teacher at EOS Fitness one year later and publishing a new author in the summer of 2020.

Never stop taking measures to create the life you want to live daily. For me recently that includes practicing bits and pieces and transitions to Ashtanga Yoga. I finally can do a full Baddha Padmasana ‘Locked Lotus” and hold my forarm headstand with skill and poise for a four-5 full seconds with control.

I’m not bragging, I’m just excited because it didn’t happen over night this world. I had to dream about it for a bit, then take mirco measures daily to begin to see it happening.

I can’t wait to share here the PRE-ORDER DATE of

GUNS TASTE BAD by Landon Chapman.

Did I mention, all-systems-ago! ?! Can you believe it?

P.S. This is a minor miracle if you happened to look in the back of the produce shop and witness the box crushing going on with these feet the year of 2020, that P- Year.  Oops. Yes, no mention of that here for this one post.

Stay Kind and have an Inspired Mind.

I’m Out.