Happy new Year 2022

This year has started off with some unusual happenings, I must say. I tend to draw into the things that happen and pay attention to the signs given at hand. With that being said, I am excited to announce that Mango Jane Publishing will still move forward publishing Public Domain books for 2022 and maybe a new author or two if possible. I have a few submissions that I am looking over and making sure it’s the right fit for Mango Jane Books.

If this is your first read here, I am an author and writer first before publisher. I began writing many moons ago happily inside my journals, to comedy skits in Los Angeles, a book in 1999, magazines features, newspaper columnist to accepting a book contract back in 2012 for my first health and wellness book by a traditional publisher. That book was MIDDLE AGE BEAUTY; next was LIVE LOVE SOUL. My original intention for this publishing site had been to publish books of my own writings, plus Public Domain books.

When life shows us a clear sign, I am a firm believer in listening to those signs. For example, right now, my main account on Instagram has been hacked. What a disaster. However, at the same time, I am astute enough individual to know there are far worse problems in the world. There are bigger fish to fry. More things I must do.

So just like my Instagram crash, I had been struggling with KDP for a few months. It’s been maddening really. So I am no longer publishing my own books. I look forward to going back to traditional publishing.

Sometimes life gives us a SHUT DOWN in order to wake us up to bigger tasks at hand and WAKE us up to more important responsibilities.

I am looking forward to 2022. I have a lot of fast, swift moving changes ahead. I hope to bring 5 to six books here for 2022 from Mango Jane Publishing. I tend to overshoot my goals, so I am aiming more honestly.

Please check out the bookstore. There are some fabulous inspirational books there that will brighten anyone’s soul.

I am grateful for literature of all kinds. I ready all sorts of genres. I hope you do, too. I hope when life shuts you down when you are working hard to build something, you rise up anyway and keep going. That’s what I am going to do here.

Happy New Year.

Mango Jane Publishing

Machel Shull – publisher.