Mango Jane Publishing is excited to release our first hardback edition that will be available everywhere. The book that has been chosen is GUNS TASTE BAD by Landon Chapman. Chapman’s poetry reaches into today current events, tragedies, and heartbreaks of the soul. Be prepared to experience a few chills on the back of your neck as you keep reading words and prose that hit the trend of hard topics that we must face in order to create a more beautiful, safe world for us to live in today.

Have you loved and lost? Have you lost a job? Have you felt out of sync with life, as if your soul were alone under a cold winter’s sky? Herein lies the root of his words, his thoughts, forcing the reader to examine their own feelings as they read, Guns Taste Bad.

Here is a brief description of his collection of work, plus endorsements and other publications of his poetry:

GUNS TASTE BAD by Landon Chapman

His poem Odysseus was selected by FALL LINES publication by the JASPER PROJECT in Columbia, South Carolina, which is also featured inside the pages of Guns Taste Bad.

Guns Taste Bad, by Landon Chapman, begs us to stop scrolling and instead to contemplate a world where there seems to be no room left for poetry; a world filled with misinformation, political polarization and environmental strife.

His poetry pierces the truth, disarms the reader and demands attention. It simultaneously offers up a becalmed place in the heart, filled with sad accordion music and understanding.

In Guns Taste Bad, Chapman gives us three segments of poetry. “Guns” starts off with a bang by exploring what it means to be male in a post masculine society. In “Taste” he delves into an observation of mental and emotional processes. Finally in “Bad,” Chapman examines estrangement in the postmodern experience.

We read for adventure and fancy, we read because we feel the burden of life weighing us down. We read poetry because it helps to share that burden and carry that weight.

Landon Chapman – Odysseus -selected for publication
in January 2022 by FALL LINES, a Jasper Project.

Stop scrolling to fill the void, instead take a bite, read Guns Taste Bad, today.

Excerpt from Guns Taste Bad:

Locked in the cabinet with all of the guns
Do all sons kill their fathers or all fathers kill their sons?
I can feel the vibrations
I can hear the drill I’ve locked myself
Guns taste bad, but people still eat them,
in the pursuit of happiness and more often

Sing into my skull
Whistle past my ears
Tell me again how to lie
Be a semblance of true
Because this gun is for hire

Praise for Guns Taste Bad:

“Flashes of cold winter nights, hard truths and broken hearts will take you down a road rising within the power of words, poetry and observations about the feelings of our human existence.” – Machel Shull, Bestselling Author of Spiritual

“Chapman’s poetry is raw and real, reminding us that death is a familiar stranger on a subway waiting to greet us.” -Tracy G. Howard, editor and poet

“Amazing, can’t wait for more!” – A Five Star Reader Review from Amazon

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