Florence Scovel Shinn

Introduction written for the next book Mango Jane is publishing, THE WORD IS YOUR WAND:

Dearest Reader,

Mango Jane Publishing presents THE WORD IS YOUR WAND by Florence Scovel Shinn, which was first published in 1928, written in its original form. Please note that since that era, we no longer refer to man and women as ‘man.’ At the time this book was written it was the accepted terminology. If you are a feminist, I still think you will love Florence Scovel Shinn. She was way ahead of her time. I’m sure that’s why her wise books still appeal to so many.

Look her name up on YouTube. You will be surprised at how many videos there are with her books being voiced over with beautiful imagery. There is even a talking illustration of the author.

Florence Scovel Shinn – THE WORD IS YOUR WAND

This small book is full of powerful words to help reshape our thoughts and produce the life we want to live. Learn about the power of the tongue and why it’s important to zip those lips before we speak.

If you don’t know who Florence Scovel Shinn is, Louise Hay considered her the mentor she never met, but studied her books and words, growing her own self-help publishing business.

My goal with Mango Jane Publishing is to produce beautiful books with inset special quotes, with illustrations, plus a journal in the back of this book for the reader to jot down some of their own tried and true powerful thoughts and words.

In a rut?

Speak bold words of power and strength about yourself. Haven’t met the love of your life? Memorize the affirmations in the chapter on LOVE. Having trouble in sales? Memorize Florence Scovel Shinn’s choice words to help boost your results.

Don’t wait for the future. Begin now. Begin now, speaking the most beautiful words about who you are and what you hope to be. It’s never too late to begin again and become exactly what your wish to be on this journey.

Cultivating the life we want to live begins with us. Watch those words. Never speak down about yourself or others.

Instead, wave the wand of tongue and learn how to speak beauty every day about you, your family, your loved ones and the future you hope to obtain.

Keep that chin up, breathe deep and remember you are amazing. Never give up. Never give in. Regroup, keep going and plan for success with those powerful words. The contents inside outline each special chapter that shares suggestions on words and phrases to memorize, speak aloud or write down, so we can begin to ingrain in our mind, the life we wish to live.

You know that question if you could meet anyone from history, who would it be? Easy, Florence Scovel Shinn would be my answer.

Thank you for buying a Mango Jane Book.

I hope you use the small journal pages included in the back of this book to create your own powerful words to speak daily over your life.

The illustrations used in this book are from the Public Domain, by artist, Edward Penfield.  He was an American artist born in 1866-1925. He became the art director of HARPER’S Magazine & Scrinbner, Collier’s Magazine as well, too. He received much critical acclaim during his lifetime as an artist and illustrator in America and New Yorker.  His art complements that era in which Florence Scovel Shinn lived in, too. She lived in New York. I wonder if their lives ever crossed paths? I hope these two brilliant innovative artists and thinkers would be honored by their words and art side by side in this new modern version of THE WORD IS YOUR WAND.

Although the text and language is dated by a by-gone era, I hope you can find that inspiration from this classic book that has inspired many generations since it was first published in 1928. 

Machel Shull (Ma-shel)

Publisher of Mango Jane Publishing