Finding my OM

I have been missing the mangoes. I keep thinking about where they are in my life. These mangoes here in Mango Jane. For some reason the very thought of these mangoes in the cyber world give my soul a sense of renewal and hope for tomorrow. I loved writing here openly. It’s been the first format since my column (other than book writing) that feels as if I belong here writing my most intimate thoughts without fear. The fingers move and my thoughts are a few moments ahead…but I am here under the mangoes this Monday on my sister’s birthday and I feel such gratitude for life, love, friends, motherhood, furbabies, and the ability to dream a new dream just like the sun breaking the darkest hour in the twilight hours before dawn. They say it’s darkest before the dawn and I am here to tell you I am going to agree that could be true.

However, there is a new sparkle in my soul that feels as if, yes, I have rekindled my best part of me and there is more to come.

How exciting to realize! How exciting to realize that ‘After all tomorrow is another day,’ just like Scarlet declared in Gone with the Wind,” by Margaret Mitchell. If you would’ve told me a year ago that I would be teaching yoga in less than 2 hours from now in a studio in Carlsbad, California, I would have retorted:


It’s not that I’m not good at yoga or love being a teacher, it’s just quite a leap

Mango Jane books and other products are meant to inspire the soul and awaken the mind.
Mango Jane books and other products are meant to inspire the soul and awaken the mind.

for me at this time. You know, 48! 48! 48! I am approaching 50 in less than 1.5 years, but that’s what’s exciting…I’m still breathing. I am still alive to dream a new dream a year later.

My Mantra from Spiritual:

I am happy and free. I am under the umbrella of divinity.

I’m actually quite centered and calm in my yoga teaching and it’s as if one part of my soul has finally found the rhythm in these yoga flows. I love practicing these flows…piecing them together with one pose at a time, you know like a jig-saw puzzle. The puzzle includes components of muscle groups, Sanskrit words plus the English version and the cues for each pose. I start with OM and end with OM.

If you don’t know what OM is, it’s like calling on the divine within and connecting to light that can guide us to calmer waters. If you are a Christian type person, don’t be wigged out, it’s a just like A-men, except in the oldest language known to human beings.
Fun Fact: I learned this in my 300 hour courses-Did you know that NASA has chosen Sanskrit as the world’s universal language to use to communicate with extra terrestrial beings if that’ kind of thing exists…seems possible with so much space up there…yes, that was intentional). 

Any who, you can say that helped me develop a new found appreciation for Sanskrit version of each pose and I just love saying them.

Last week, I was invited by my one of my favorite teachers I have ever had –(Now, I just want you to know I have had more teachers than most because of my background in Hollywood…eight years of theater, comedy, voice, auditions, performing in front of a live audience, to writing a play ans working one on one with many private lessons, too. So for me to make such a sweeping statement at midlife is a bit mind blowing because how could my younger self foresee this new adventure I have happened upon?)

-to Idea Fitness Convention near Los Angeles, California. If I could put it in to simple layman terms, I found my real tribe of peeps a little late in life. How exciting to meet so many excited enthusiastic individuals that can’t wait to work out and share their passion.

I’m not quite in that category…it’s such a stretch for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have been active most since I was a little girl, but there will always be that one part of me that’s looking for that quiet space alone in the corner to retreat with words and s-p-a-c-e where my soul can roam free without interruptions.

What an exciting adventure to be part of that and feel the energy surging from thousands of passionate folks that aren’t going to apologize for being happier than you are, but also will give you a genuine hug because they are happy you are happy, too. I am being a bit flippant about this, but what I have come to realize is that mostly in life, we choose our friends based on circumstances and where we live when with should be more in alignment with core values/ideals and the inner beating of their drum that sounds a bit like yours…

I think that more needs to be said about making a concerted effort to find your ‘tribe’ in an intellectual way (although, I researched it, and it’s already pretty popular topic in the self help world of books….good:)!)

My mind turned inside out there and I came home humming a new tune of excitement. My husband hasn’t heard me stop discussing all of the new found enthusiasm for dreams, goals, books, yoga, friends…can you say. We Are Alive!

The sun has also come out in California. Maybe that could be it, too?

I want to write more, but alas, my doggies need to go out, and I need to get my little chimes together for yoga meditation and charge my phone so I can play the yoga meditation music that feels like it takes you up there in space with the extra terrestrials and you can look down on earth and understand the fast size the round shape for the first time because you are at one with your own soul in a new way you have ever known.

This life is worth making our very own…including buying the little cymbals I chime together before we inhale/exhale, then…


P.S. Please forgive any mistakes, will be back later after yoga & my dogs. xo