Reading Joan

As recent circumstances have forced me to find a straighter spine, I find myself walking taller than normal and finding an effervescent glow. In between teaching up to 12 yoga classes a week and reading books and finishing a massively long manuscript focusing on The Golden State and other personal confessions, I am taking a …

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writing & Publishing

This year I have taken a bit of a hiatus from publishing books at Mango Jane. I did publish the first hardcover this year for GUNS TASTE BAD, which you can buy here. Guns Taste Bad is a book by Landon Chapman. He has also been published by FALL LINES by the JASPER PROJECT in …

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Happy new Year 2022


This year has started off with some unusual happenings, I must say. I tend to draw into the things that happen and pay attention to the signs given at hand. With that being said, I am excited to announce that Mango Jane Publishing will still move forward publishing Public Domain books for 2022 and maybe …

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Be Happy Anyway

This is a quick write from my heart to yours. I hope you are well first of all. I hope that you feel safe and loved and secure right where you are. I hope that you are finding inner joy through these trials of adversity we are all experiencing through the Global Pandemic of the …

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Two Books worth Remembering

Hi haven’t written here in a bit. Much has happened. The world has turned over at least twice (metaphorically speaking of course) since I last wrote here in August of last year. At that point, I had begun finishing my 300 hour courses again at Mira Costa, which included a business class, which just rocked. …

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