Guns taste bad Q. & A.

“Guns taste bad, but people still eat them, in the pursuit for happiness and more often freedom…” GUNS TASTE BAD by Landon Chapman strikes a resonating chord in the current state of the Pandemic World. His poetry explores gun control, suicide, workplaces closing, mental illness, fake news and the longing of the heart. One might ask during a period of …

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Be Happy Anyway

This is a quick write from my heart to yours. I hope you are well first of all. I hope that you feel safe and loved and secure right where you are. I hope that you are finding inner joy through these trials of adversity we are all experiencing through the Global Pandemic of the …

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Two Books worth Remembering

Hi haven’t written here in a bit. Much has happened. The world has turned over at least twice (metaphorically speaking of course) since I last wrote here in August of last year. At that point, I had begun finishing my 300 hour courses again at Mira Costa, which included a business class, which just rocked. …

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