Bye Bye 2020

Bye bye, 2020! We are out of here! Life may not look much different for a bit, but I’m still thrilled we are on the other side of this year ending.

Mango Jane Published these books in 2020- 

The Game of Life and How to Play It- E Book & Paperback

As A Man Thinketh-E Book and Paperback

The Jesus Rosary- E Book

Be Still E Book

The Prophet –  Paperback and E Book

Jane Eyre- Paperback Special Edition feature Edvard Munch – public domain illustrations

Angel Lessons “Cultivate Daily Peace” by Machel Shull (Yes, that’s me.) E Book and Paperback edition

Be Still and Breathe – Paperback (Be Still book made into affirmation- paperback edition with public domain photos.) – Yes that’s me.

Angel Lessons – took longer to publish in the backend of getting book into final print and ready to order, but it’s up in it’s special holiday edition. Right now on Instagram, we are doing the 12 days of Self-Care correlating to Christmas Holidays (Thank you Luanne for suggesting this idea to me last year.)

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GUNS TASTE BAD – first release of 2021 – paperback and e book by Southern prolific poet, Landon Chapman.

I will continue on with these New/Blog post and will always share which books Mango Jane Publishing will be releasing next.

Podcast – The Inspired Mind is available on Spotify.  Learning to Podcast in 2020 helped me so much in how I found a new voice within regarding self-care, nurturing our soul. redirecting negative energy and just giving some good ol’ fashioned pep talks during this crazy Pandemic. I will be promoting and publicizing my Podcast, The Inspired Mind, which is essentially part of Mango Jane Publishing.

Stay kind and have an inspired mind.

I’m out 2020🥂,
Mango Jane

Bye Bye, 2020