BOOKS released in 2019-This holiday season will be exiting for us here at MANGO JANE ‘The Inspiration Company,’ as we release three books in the month of December. 

The first book to be released will be ANGEL LESSONS, ‘A Small Book Devoted to Inner Peace,’ by Machel Shull. Inspired by books like ANGELS ‘God’s Secret Agents, and ILLUSIONS by Richard Bach this book has only one intention set for the reader, cultivating inner peace by gaining a deeper sense of self awareness, with emphasis on developing spiritual faith. Filled with inspirational quotes, Biblical scriptures based on angelical references, this book is sure to delight those in search of meaning inside their own personal journey. ANGEL LESSONS also includes a set of worksheet prompts inspiring the reader to practice Angel Lessons in under 10 days.

Author of MENTAL FITNESS, M.J. Rolek shared after reading ANGEL LESSONS,

“Machel’s Shull’s upcoming book helps you

lift your vision, trust your voice and raise your vibration.”

~Michiko Jane Rolek

Publishing date: December 13, 2019.

HOLIDAY GIFT BOOK – This book begins the first of many great literature classics that MANGO JANE will be publishing. Three classic Christmas Stories are included inside this perfect holiday gift to give to anyone that loves and cherishes holiday stories that are tried and true holiday season. Look back for an update on when the publishing date will be for this book.

Right now release date looks like somewhere between: December 10-December 15.

The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn is essentially the book that started it all for MANGO JANE a few years back, when the publisher found much inspiration from reading her classic non-fiction self help books.  This book is a true classic self help book, depicting the power of visualization, affirmations and most importantly the power of the spoken word. I am sure you will gain much wisdom and insight from this timeless classic. The late Louise Hay considered Florence Scovel Shinn her a mentor.

Publishing date December 20th, 2019.

Launching in the end of summer of 2020: B O D H I   J A N E  IMPRINT,

which will be open to book proposals, or full nonfiction self-help

manuscripts focusing on motivation and inspiration.


Mango Jane Books- Inspirational and Classic Literature
Mango Jane Books- Inspirational and Classic Literature

Where can you buy a MANGO JANE BOOK? After December 13, you can buy an Mango Jane book here on this website, AMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE, and other retailers that will be updated here.

What makes a MANGO JANE BOOK unique? Look for unique graphics, illustrations, with facts and history on each classic book, including a one page – Did You Know? included in the back for all classic literature and non-fiction books.