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“Guns Taste Bad,” by Landon Chapman. Release date FEB. 2021.


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New Release 2021 – GUNS TASTE BAD

Landon James Chapman grew up as a child primarily in Spirit Lake, Iowa where the winters are long and the summers are golden. During his latter teen years and early twenties, he traveled extensively overseas to China and Singapore, Phi Phi Island and other exotic places across the globe. French Novelist

Gustave once shared, “Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” The collected poems of Landon James Chapman captures the essence of that perspective through the raw edgy words of emerging new voice in the world of poetry. He brings his diverse background to each piece through observations he shares in his poems. The cadence of his prose strikes like a hammer, piercing the heart, leaving the reader with begging to read one more on the next page.

About three months ago, my mom read Landon’s latest poetry, while I was driving late one night in  Southern California. As the wheels of my car rolled down the freeway, imagery filled with wrought nights and hard truths demanded my attention. My posture straightened as I hung on to each word that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about these poems.

Why I love GUNS TASTE BAD: These poems dare you look within, be more human, to feel and to experience the power of the written word. I am honored to have the opportunity to publish a new emerging voice in the world of poetry,  Landon Chapman. Get ready to experience chills and the hair on the back of your neck to rise as you read the next poem on the page.

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