Be Happy Anyway

This is a quick write from my heart to yours. I hope you are well first of all. I hope that you feel safe and loved and secure right where you are. I hope that you are finding inner joy through these trials of adversity we are all experiencing through the Global Pandemic of the Covid-19.

I have recently returned to teaching yoga and finding my stride in person with social distancing and still at the fruit stand as much as possible each day of the week. I am about to go walk my two beloved dogs, Fortune and Fibi before

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I zip over to Carlsbad and teach yoga.

The morning is gray and quiet. I have already worked on a podcast that remained unpublished and did my morning breathing quiet time in Padmasana. Without even knowing it during the Pandemic, I had quietly worked each morning on my 11 breaths on each side of body (in Easy Pose or Padmasana, switching up your feet on each side, I count 11 breaths in my mind- 22 actually, the do light stretching) not knowing all of the amazing benefits of PADMASANA.

Why am I sharing this? Because the first two months of the Quarantine in California were quite challenging and difficult for me. While the world remained home, I had to help my husband at the fruit stand (essential business), where a mask and encounter thousands of people when close contact with others was dangerous.

I’m not asking for a medal. I am just trying to share with you through the hardship of this trial, a new ritual/habit formed that helped me FIND MY CALM in the eye of the storm.

Wow, as I look back, I think about those two months, I realize that that time helped me go deeper in my own life, own practice of health and happiness. Through the trials and hardships, happiness is still possible. We just may have to cultivate it by taking daily actions that help our joy find its way through to the surface.

Even during a Global Pandemic.

Even during a time of Protests and riots.

Even during a time when we have never been more FEAR BASED in our lives…now it the time to CREATE INNER HAPPINESS.


Oh, yes, that Nervous System. Keep it quiet. Keep it switched on to the parasympathetic system, keep anxiety out of your body by breathing deep and taking healthy measures to:



Happiness will  help us stay alive and well, keep the immune system boosted and protected with a shield of JOY,

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keeping anxiety away.

Don’t miscount your own happiness and think that being happy right now or finding inner joy is turning your intelligence away from what’s happening in the world around you.


We are being intelligent by minding ourselves with inner strength in mind and thought and action = healthy immune system.

I am excited to say on June 30, 2020, that I will be adding two new books to MANGO JANE PUBLISHING, Finally!

I am excited that my life is here and I have weathered some mini rainstorms. I have endured some hardships and losses just like you dearest reader during this time.

But we must continue to reach UP, FIND the light and turn our face to the sun and smile bright, bringing hope to ourselves and all of those we encounter each day.

Hope and happiness will help our immune systems be MORE PROTECTED, by staying calm. We must keep daily measures to protect our



the Sympathetic Nervous System,

With deep breaths, prayer and powerful words.

So don’t convince yourself that finding joy right now during the time of a chaotic world is being checked out.


INSTEAD, become part of the movement and find your inner light. The world is in desperate need of you!  Be brave.

Be bold. Have the courage to be happy anyway in a chaotic world.

Cheers, Mimi (my coffee name.)