Machel Shull (Ma-shel)

Mango Jane Publishing

MANGO JANE’S mission is to create inspirational books and literary books that inspired the soul. 

MANGO JANE Publishing is a boutique book press in California, founded by Machel Shull,

a bestselling inspirational author of Middle Age Beauty, Live Love Soul, Spiritual, Breathe and Be Still, and Angel Lessons. 

Mango Jane Publishes E Books and paperback books. Audio Books coming in 2022. 

Inspired by her love of books, Machel brings 23 years of writing and publishing experience to this independent book press. Machel studied at the UCLA extension writer’s program during the late 1990s, penning her first novel with a copyright in 1999.

HBO WORKSPACE selected CARRIED AWAY, a three act comedy, written, produced, and directed by the publisher,  launched beginnings in writing professionally in 1998. As a former face model and actress with training from the Groundlings, Stella Adler and John Kirby, she brings her unique background to publishing the written word. 

Mango Jane Books is the first imprint by Mango Jane Publishing, which will be dedicated to publishing new authors and works of the publisher. 

If you are a new author and would like to submit to us, please submit elsewhere, too. Next year in 2022, we are publishing two new authors – one for literary and one for nonfiction writing. Submissions will be open from March 2022-July 2022.

This small book press focuses primarily publishing public domain works, so please submit to other book publishers or media outlets. Thank you for stopping by.

Check out our news/blog page and stay awhile. 

Stay kind and have an inspired mind,

Machel Shull (Ma-shel) 


P.S. Keep going. Life is worth making your very own.