A lover of books from a very early age, I discovered my love of reading. During my twenties, I uncovered the power literature. Jane Eyre inspired my heart. The Good Earth revealed a new culture.  Crime and Punishment lead me to understand the true meaning of redemption. Great Expectations helped me comprehend the real meaning behind illusions. Later, I began to read gifted women writers like Phyllis Theroux, Alice Munro, Alice Hoffman, Luanne Rice, Marianne Williamson, Julie Cameron, Louise Hay, and Florence Scovel Shinn. These are just a few of authors that inspired my soul to find peace, happiness and hope, by learning about characters with problems to solve, to why we must return to love.

At a new place midlife, I am thrilled to finally be here writing this to you right at this moment. I have been looking for that next place to sink myself into with a mind/body/soul connection and this is that creation.

My mission is by creating products that inspire and fire up the imagination, a few more souls out there might be breathing deeper and feeling more at ease.

Why  M A N G O  J A N E?

I really like mangoes. I love Jane Eyre. I love enlightenment. And honestly, I couldn’t shake the name out of my head. Each time I said the name, I felt warmer

inside, like a new light had become finally lit from within. Get ready to unplug, to find solace, to awaken the mind to heightened experiences through the written word. Get ready love a new brand that awakens the mind and feeds the soul inspiration.

What’s my thing? Besides Mangoes & books? I am passionate about

Happiness and uncovering little moments of joy each day. Why, because I have learned that if the present is all we have now, why not make it the best moments we can live?

Oh, and yes! I must not forget to mention, I will be launching a column  where I share weekly vignettes from my own experiences, while revealing some funny moments, too. You never know what I will say from week to week.

What’s up first?

One Nonfiction book + One Famous classic book. With two books to follow each month. When any company launches, there is a foundation that must be built properly from the ground up. Inspired by metaphysical thinkers like

Louise Hay, Florence Scovel Shinn and Napolean Hill, MANGO JANE looks forward to bringing new products to life that awaken the mind and feed (inspire) the soul.

“True enthusiasm is a fine feeling

whose flash

I admire whenever I see it.”

-Charlotte Bronte, Author of Jane Eyre