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*Due to the Corona Virus, MANGO JANE BOOKS has paused it’s publishing until end of May, 2020. We look forward to releasing an E Book regarding seeking peace in a Chaotic world, adding a option to download and buy books here, plus online at Amazon. Thank you for visiting the website. Also, this summer we will finally be releasing the first new author to be published by Mango Jane Books.

MANGO JANE Books is a boutique book press in California, founded by Machel Shull, marketing executive and

Machel Shull Books

Machel Shull

bestselling author of inspirational nonfiction books. Mango Jane will be releasing two books a month in 2020, featuring literary classics and inspirational books. MANGO JANE’S mission is  to awaken the mind of readers around the world. Formats for book buys will be published  in E book and Paperback. Only new emerging authors will be available for purchase in audio books.

Inspired by her love of books, Machel brings 20 years of writing and publishing experience to this independent book press. Machel studied at the UCLA extension writer’s program during the late 1990s, penning her first novel with a copyright in 1999. Her background in publishing began in  2005 in the newspaper/magazine publishing; writing as a newspaper columnist, working as an advertising executive and featured magazine writer, PR writing for clients

  and as a photojournalist for her full page newspaper column.  She has also been featured in Mind Body Green, Daily UK Mail, Wisdom Magazine, and various other online publications as a  bestselling author.

Inspired by her love of books and the written word, this small book press will be launching new emerging authors in nonfiction works, like poetry, essays and inspirational nonfiction books. Submissions will be open in 8/2020.