Machel Shull

I discovered my love of reading from an early age.

I still remember reading Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls and how deeply as a child those two hound dogs tore my heart out. I cried for days. I look back and see how reading books has lead to my passion for writing, editing and creating books.

During my twenties, I fell in love with great literature. Jane Eyre inspired my heart. The Good Earth revealed a new culture. Crime and Punishment lead me to understand the true meaning of redemption. Great Expectations helped me comprehend the real meaning behind illusions.

Later, I began to read gifted women writers like Phyllis Theroux, Alice Munro, Alice Hoffman, Luanne Rice, Marianne Williamson, Julie Cameron, Louise Hay, and Florence Scovel Shinn that inspired my soul through fiction and narrative non fiction. These are just a few of authors that inspired my soul to find peace, happiness and hope, by learning about characters with problems to solve, to why we must return to love.

My mission is by creating products that inspire and fire up the imagination, a few more souls out there might be breathing deeper and feeling more at ease. After all, life can be difficult, just like Dr. Scott Peck surmised in The Road Less Traveled.

Why  M A N G O  J A N E?

I really like mangoes. I love Jane Eyre. I love enlightenment. And honestly, I couldn’t shake the name out of my head. Each time I said the name, I found myself smiling, with a certain ease. I hope you love Mango Jane books and products, too.

So, be ready to unplug, to find solace, to awaken the mind to heightened experiences through the written word. Get ready love a new brand that awakens the mind and feeds the soul inspiration.

What’s my thing? Besides Mangoes & books? I am passionate about happiness and uncovering little moments of joy each day. I love smelling my coffee as it’s being pressed down to the bottom of my little pressing machine. I love to read a thousand different things at once, and then finish each book in a cozy corner of my bedroom as I sip tea leisurely in the evening. I love to uncover new authors in the world of fiction and non-fiction. Right now,  I am finishing a Haruki Marakumi book. It’s been a slow, brilliant read that keeps me thinking, “I wonder who is ringing the bell in the woods?What is the point of this man’s journey to live in this house alone in the mountains? Who is the faceless man in the beginning? Could that be a foreshadow to the neighbor who commissions the painting later in the book? 

It’s good to unwind, take your shoes off and turn off your phone…or at least crack open a real book (however, my 19 year old son reads dozens of books on his cell phone.) and get away from it all. You know, sink into a good thick plot full of twists and turns or a character driven book with loads of description that has you almost convinced you met this person in your own real life. I love a lot of things. But most of all, I love what reading books has done to shape my well being, while creating a more loving and happier future that I am now currently living. Reading has helped me redirect my emotions, channel them and understand how to manage life better when circumstances can change unexpectedly. So yes, a book lover, a love of the written word, I am here now forming inspiration company that has great hopes of creating books you will love, too.

What’s up first?

One Nonfiction book + One Famous classic book. With two books to follow each month. When any company launches, there is a foundation that must be built properly from the ground up. Inspired by metaphysical thinkers like

Louise Hay, Florence Scovel Shinn and Napolean Hill, MANGO JANE looks forward to bringing new products to life that awaken the mind and feed (inspire) the soul.