A James Allen Book

The Life Triumphant:

Mastering the Heart and Mind

James Allen

“Follow your conscience. Be true to your convictions. Do at the moment what you regard as right, and put away all procrastination, vacillation, and fear. If you are convinced that in the performance of your duty under certain circumstances the severest measures are necessary, carry out those measures, and let there be no uncertainty about it. Err on the side of strength rather than weakness.” -James Allen

James Allen is also the author of AS A MAN THINKETH

Dearest Reader,

James Allen is most famous for his book: AS A MAN THINKETH, which has been named by many as one of the top 10 self-help books ever written. Since reading that book, I have fallen in love with his philosophy on life.

Please look beyond the dated way of speech and realize that this book has many universal truths that we can benefit from by drinking up the beauty.

What a true delight to bring this book to a modern,

contemporary form that I hope will inspire anyone to enjoy their life and live their life to its fullest.

James Allen used to take long walks and would also meditate daily. His connection to the beauty in nature and the gift of silence and contemplation enabled him to become a visionary of his time.

Earl Nightingale was also a huge fan of his, which helped his writing become more well-known after James Allen died in 1912.

AS A MAN THINKETH was published in 1903. Can you believe that? I still remember reading this amazing quote from that book:

“Dreamers are the saviors of the world.”

I have included quotes from his other books to add that extra inspiration, along with this text in its original form.


Machel Shull

Publisher of Mango Jane Publishing