How to Survive the 2020 Election

“Go then, there are other worlds than these.” -The Gunslinger, Stephen King

In the midst of change sometimes amazing things happen. We either evolve, grab up or maybe allow the change to be too fierce and take a plunge down or maybe it’s just sideways. Maybe it’s just enough to keep us quiet and checked in, nice and secure, right where we are.

If my life has ever revealed much about my character is the ability to adapt, change and find a way in where there is no way. I thought I would write about some unpleasant things that sometimes sting the heart or hurt deeply when we don’t necessarily want to remember our lower times, times when life felt as I am describing up above; when change occurs and we become silent, mute and there is no reason to discuss the weather, the season, the pandemic or what’s happening in the future. When the heart waits, life stops.

Life becomes like a quiet island of our own. Life becomes a sea of thoughts surrounding us, engulfing the sandy shores of this self imposed island, keeping us distant and alone.

Now is the season for that you know. There is a Global Pandemic. FEAR basing is the new normal and the word APOCOLYPSE seems to be trending in the NEWS?



Time for some real  talk, soulful talk, real talk and a chance to expand on that quiet season of when life feels too hard to push back so you just sit still, hoping it will silently improve on its own.

It’s time to find that inner gumption you’ve only seen in movies like Jerry Maguire or Footloose, Dirty Dancing. It’s time to believe in the strength you see in those comic movies that are trending and visually see that existing in yourself. It’s time to get up and MOVE.

The world is in transition. We can make this transition, too. We can find the inner courage to make ONE DAY at a time count, matter, dream, believe, have hope, have tenacity, work hard and look for something deeper.

Don’t let the circumstances that are occurring shape you. Find a new way of living by believing.


  • STOP fear basing. If someone is handing you their fears, listen but let go, don’t keep the cycle moving by sharing their fears with someone else.
  • DITCH that arm chair and find a YOGA MAT- move! Watch online free videos or sign up for a zoom class.
  • Wake up, be Awesome, repeat.
  • Stay away from NAYSAYERS, or in other words, friends or acquaintances that don’t support your dreams
  • PROTECT your phone. Once again, today, a friend explaining about SPYWARE found on their phone. Really?  It’s the digital age, so have a passcode a pattern and don’t fall for links or pictures with ARROW BUTTONS.
  • READ lots of Sophie Kinsella books during election week. This is going to be my method of staying humorous, happy and grounded and away from the inane, mean mud slushing madness going on. Also, remember, the world doesn’t need every nuance of your voting sheet.
  • Don’t participate in the conspiracy theories. Listen, but let it fall mid-air and remain silent.
  • BE KIND, be kind. BE KIND and who cares if you don’t agree on everything.
  • Look up the FOUR IMMEASURABLES and see if you can incorporate them into your daily life.
  • FOCUS ON LOVE. Look for the light and don’t surround yourself with the crowd of meanies that just want you to feel like nothing.
  • Have the courage to disagree with PEACE.
  • Set goals anyway.
  • If your new goals didn’t add up to all that you had hoped, create new ones. A Global Pandemic is hard to predict.
  • Open your heart, & don’t wait anymore for the heart to wait. Do something new. Maybe it’s driving to a beautiful neighborhood and counting flowers on a new street. Do something, anything, but don’t let this world BEAT YOU DOWN.
  • Find a yoga mat and smile more, love more, and let go of the crazy hate that’s being passed around like it’s just fine, no biggie and cool to be so hateful regarding EVERYTHING.
  • ADOPT AN ANIMAL. They will help you retreat from pain, mean people and better yet, love you when it feels like the world has become a loveless place.
  • It hasn’t. I am wondering how long it will take for FAKE NEWS to become a true criminal offense. Yes, Please.
  • It takes two to Tango, so remember the #1 first bullet point; don’t pass on the fear to others. (This includes fear basing others on hot weather coming or cold. Just allow others to enjoy their life without squashing their day!)
  • ZIP IT…unless you care to be kind and loving. The world is too full of hate right now. Shine that big flashlight of judgment down your own throat.
  • Oh, yes, this is a flippant, yet serious write. Just in case you didn’t know, I am 30% British (it’s gone down from 35%) and  sarcasm is the normal in the UK and I can now understand why I love individuals in the UK. My DNA is from there, especial Yorkshire, London and Belfast; in this equation at least, the UK one. I’m also German/French and a few other bit. You Bet 100% American. I don’t associate being American with the current leader or the last.) If you are looking to survive the next two weeks, follow the Dali Lama on Twitter. Read his tweets instead.
  • Oh and yes, buy a Mango Jane book or tune in and do some free breathing and yoga with me at GentleYogaTV on Youtube.

Stay Kind and Have an Inspired Mind.

I’m out.